Thursday, April 2, 2009

The March Party

I want to thank Mickie for having a great party in March. We had a lot of fun even though I left all my fabric samples at home, and I don't live just around the corner either. :)
Here are some of the creation's from Mickie's party.
Tessa in Cubism
Evie-Lyn in Kiwi Bungalow with custom Base

Evie Lyn in Terrace Stripes with custom base

Evie Lyn in Pink/Brown Floral (not available on the website)
Thallie in Lolli Dots

Mae Mae in Lime/Pink Dots with Shoulder straps

Evie-Lyn in Black & White Dots with custom base

Mae Mae in Houndstooth (winter fabric) with Shoulder Straps

Evie Lyn in Lime/Pink Dots with custom base

Katie Sue in Lime/Pink Dots

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