Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Product: Hipster bag

I need help with coming up with a name for the awesome addition to Cara's Creations.

Anything you would change about the bag - more pockets? different size?  

What would you pay for it?

I can't wait to get a minute to add it to the website!!!!!


MiniMe Mom said...

Me Likey:-)

Great addition to the CC line!

Triplet Mom said...

I like it!
Do you still do girls names for bag names?
It could be Molly

kbloems27 said...

This is great too!! I love it! I need to book another show for spring too!

How about naming the bag Vivian (which means lively)?

chelle said...

I'm kind of late here, but here's a name ideas:


I really love the vivian idea too. :)

Tarah said...

Hello! I am Amy Niklasch's sister and I am trying to order a bag online but had a couple of questions for you. I tried emailing you last week but I don't know if it worked or not. I want to order the Katie-Sue beach bag but I have a couple of questions on the fabric choices. I was wondering if you had the Lava Flowers Fabric available yet? Also, can this bag be made in the Orchid Blossom, Skywall Flowers, or gray/teal flowers with stripe accents ( I saw this combo on your blog)? You can contact me at ttwebb22@hotmail.com.


Tarah Bowen