Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bag Names

Some out you may be wondering where I come up with the names for my bags.
Started by naming them after my gramas; Thallie & Evie-Lyn
Then I went to some of my nieces; Mae Mae, Ally Kate, & Katie Sue
Then my mom; Mary Jane
After that I named some different name I really liked if I had a girl; Addison & Sophie Rae.
Now I need a name for my camera bag and I haven't gone a clue what to name it.

Any Ideas????

Just Added - New Fabrics

Modern Grace ( flowers are approx. 4")
Black & White Geo (repeat 1.5")
Green Honeycomb (repeat 2.25")
Orchid Blossom
Kiwi Bungalow Stripe

NEW Camera Bag

Introducing the lastest additional to Cara's Creations: A Camera Bag.

I was asked by a local photographer if I could come up with a bag that would hold her camera. Of course the creative juices started flowing and here the end result. Thanks, Tina!!!!

Price will be $65.00

The bag includes one flap of your choice and the removable divider

Your choice of black or brown bag

Maybe you are like me, and like to change things enough....well here's your chance. The flaps are interchangable and can be ordered separately. There is a zippered pocket on the back of the bag to hold your manual, extra lid caps and memory cards.
So I can have a green geometric flap one day and the next I can have pink & purple flowers. Of course you can pick from any of the fabrics that we have available.
The bag also have a removable divider that you can put where you want in the bag or leave out if you prefer. It fits my Canon Rebel XT, an extra lens and external flash wonderfully.

Extra Flaps are available for $15.00 each

I haven't add this bag to my website yet, but if you are interested in ordering one, please email me.

And I just had to post this picture. My youngest loves to have his picture taken, so he sat done while I was photographing some bags and looked at me and said "CHEESE!!!!" I couldn't resist.