Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dining Chairs Redo

 This past couple  months my kitchen has been getting a makeover.   Well actually it start over a year ago when I painted some of my kitchen cabinets a distressed black, then in July I finally got my Husband to help my tear up the dirty white tile floor.  WOW!!!  that was a huge job.  You see most contractors will nail/screw the  tile backer board to the sub-floor and then mortar the tile to the backer board.  But not in our house.  The backer board was almost mortared, which made it incredible hard to get off.  After a 1 1/2 of hard work, dust and an inoperable kitchen, we were ready to put the new floor in. I love it!!!!

 So fast forward to this past week, I started noticing lots of dirt and grime on the uphlostered chairs I have for a dining table (which we never use, that's because our island is big enough for our family of 6 to eat of meals at.)  and I wanted a change, so I head to the locate fabric store and found a striking b & w zebra print at a really good price.  Last night armed with a screwdriver and a staple gun, I started tackling this redo and I am so happy with how they are turning out.  I can't wait to get them all finished!!!

 Before close up:

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